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VIDEO SERIES ADHDAll seventeen of our ADHD parenting course videos, and three bonus ebooks – 101 Classroom Interventions, How to Break Bad Habits and Make Good Habits, and our ADHD Diet and Eating Program ($20 at have been bundled together for you.

This is a great resource for parents at a very low price!

How to Discover What Holds You Back – the LIES That Limit You – and Get Rid of Them Today!

Counseling in Tehachapi
Are you tired of being held back by your past? It usually takes about 90 days for our clients to uncover old habits, change, and form new habits – and reach their potential! Watch this 30-minute video to get started today with this powerful process!


Watch this Remarkable Treatment for ADHD, Anxiety, or Depression That You’ve Never Heard Of – Until Now.

HPN Neurofeedback is now available with counseling services in Tehachapi, Bear Valley Springs

A powerful treatment is now available in Tehachapi. High Performance or Direct Neurofeedback is fast, powerful, and safe – even for children. Dr. Cowan was part of a research team on this remarkable treatment 26 years ago. But most people have never heard of it.   Results. Without drugs. Fast.

Our Introduction to ADHD by Dr. Cowan:  ADHD 101.

This is the first video in our online Parent Training class “Success with ADHD” for parents raising children and teens with ADHD.

Our online program is $37 per month to our friends in Tehachapi ($97/mo elsewhere) and includes one training video each week – like this one, but more intensely focused on some aspect of ADHD that you need to know to help your child really be successful – and also one hour-long webinar training each month with Dr. Cowan. Learn More Here…

Another Free Gift for You: Our Forgiveness E-Book

Our ebook gift on Forgiveness
Download it now – it’s pretty helpful! Betrayal, Rejection, Abandonment, or Abuse. It is so very hard to “Forgive” people who don’t deserve it. We know. And here’s what we have learned, and want to share with you.


6,000 : 18% of our friends in Tehachapi suffer from ANXIETY

2,500 Students : 10% of the Children and Teenagers in Tehachapi suffer from ADHD
2500 ADHD

1,250 Adults : 5% of Adults in Tehachapi suffer from ADHD

2,100 : 7% of our friends in Tehachapi suffer from DEPRESSION

Did You Know…?

  • 18% of children, teenagers, and adults suffer from some form of Anxiety disorder right here in Tehachapi. Generalized anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, or PTSD, impacts about 6,000 people in our 93561 zip code;
  • 10% of children and teenagers and about 5% of adults suffer from some form of ADHD. That’s around 2,500 people in 93561;
  • 7% of children, teenagers, and adults suffer from the awful pain of depression. That’s around 2,100 people in 93561.

Some of these conditions overlap, as there are many people with two or more conditions – trying to get free from them and be happy, productive, and healthy again. We also help people with Fibromyalgia, post-concussion syndrome, and much more.

Healing and Transformation Always Begins with a Decision to Say “Yes” to the Solution

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