About Our Bakersfield Counseling Office at The Practice

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It has been a great opportunity to spend my Wednesdays in Bakersfield providing counseling services at The Practice.

The Practice is a “Pre-Paid” or “Concierge” Medical Practice that was started by Dr. Jan Mensink two years ago, and it has rapidly grown into one of the largest “Membership Medical Offices” in California.  “Membership Medical” is the phrase that I use to describe how his practice works – as it is a new concept to me, although it has been around for a very long time.  For a monthly fee you and your family can see your doctor as often as you need to in order to get healthy and stay healthy.

Once this kind of relationship with a doctor was only available to rich or important people.  But Mensink figured out how to make the math work so that this kind of elite medical service could be available to families like yours and mine.  We love it!

Appointments made within one business day – and we never wait more than ten minutes in the waiting room.  Then our doctor spends however much time he or she needs to in order to really understand the problem and figure out the best treatment strategy.  There are also big discounts on medications, lab tests, and even imaging and x-rays if these are needed.

You can learn more about The Practice by grabbing your FREE report below.  Memberships are limited – and at this time are about 72% sold out.  So download your free report today!

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiAbout Our Bakersfield Counseling Office at The Practice