Dr. Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. MFT

Tehachapi Counselor and Therapist

Over 28 Years Experience Empowering People to Overcome:

  • PTSD and Overwhelming Stress,
  • ADHD or other School Problems,
  • Depression or Grief,
  • Anxiety or Fears,
  • Tormenting Thoughts of the day or night,
  • Executive or Pastoral “burn-out,”
  • Church Hurt 
  • Unforgiveness and Bitterness, 
  • and helping those Wanting to Have a Richer Meaning and Purpose in Life. 

Are you looking for Relief from Depression or Anxiety near Tehachapi?
Are you seeking to be in a right relationship with God, with others, and at peace within yourself?   
Is it important for you to help your child to be more successful, or to help your aging parents as they need more help too?

Our goal is to help you to be more successful in every relationship and facet of your life. We provide professional services to businesses, professionals, families, and individuals seeking to make things better – starting today.

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Feel free to email us, phone us, or text us today at (661) 972 – 5953. We use Skype to meet with people anywhere around the world. You can find us in Bear Valley Springs using our map of Tehachapi.

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    Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiTehachapi Therapist Dr. Douglas Cowan – a Professional Christian Counselor