Overcome Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Head Injury, and Much More with Our Fast Results Neurofeedback

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Clarity Our select clients receive the very best of today’s technologies, discoveries in neurology, performance coaching, and counseling strategies. Our system of high performance neurofeedback is a completely natural process, restoring our client’s feelings of clarity, focus, peace, and sleep.

Our brains can get stuck in repetitive, even ritualized behavior patterns. We can get stuck in bad attitudes, believing lies about ourselves, and destructive habits. While talking therapy, or psychotherapy, may be helpful in some ways at addressing these problems, High Performance Neurofeedback is a much better tool in Tehachapi to address the problems and to fix them. The High Performance Neurofeedback from Clarity Direct Neurofeedback used at the office of Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., MFT in Bear Valley Springs, helps the brain to get unstuck, become more flexible, improve self-regulation, and optimize performance.

HPN Neurofeedback is now available with counseling services in Tehachapi, Bear Valley Springs
Focus Energizing and optimizing their brain’s performance, our clients learn how to use his or her mind as a tool for personal healing. All of our work is centered on our clients. And we apply the very best of technology available today. It is so powerful, and yet so simple that even a small child can master it. And yet it is also appealing to this computer savvy generation.

With High Performance Neurofeedback from Clarity Direct Neurofeedback treatment people talk about improvements in their emotional flexibility, in their ability to think more deeply and be more creative, and to focus on tasks until they are finished. People tell stories of how they have stopped getting stuck in obsessive loops. And they are excited about how they have become more creative, inventive, and even playful.

Energize Get your brain clearly in phase. Neurofeedback is a comprehensive training system that promotes growth and change down to the cellular level of the brain. We have taken science out of the laboratory and put it into the hands of our clients. In Tehachapi, CA, only Dr. Cowan provides state-of-the-art Clarity Direct Neurofeedback treatment which can effectively and powerfully reduce the symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Concussion and Head Injury, and other CNS related problems.

Clarity Direct’s system for High Performance Neurofeedback is different from “traditional” EEG Biofeedback training, which is also called Neurofeedback training. In the 1990’s Dr. Cowan pioneered the use of EEG Biofeedback training for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and more in Bakersfield and Lancaster, CA. During that time he was introduced to Dr. Len Ochs and his “Low Energy Neurofeedback System,” and began helping Dr. Ochs acquire research data for the FDA with his new, and amazing development in Neurofeedback. Twenty years later, Cowan is again using state-of-the-art Neurofeedback with his clients to speed healing and increase clarity and focus – helping his clients to feel more “fully alive.”

Today’s Answer Everyone has a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer more powerful than imagined just twenty years ago. Neurofeedback is today’s technological answer to 100 year old psychotherapy. It is successfully used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, post dramatic stress disorder, addictions, ADHD, and much more. It is perhaps best known for its application to NFL football players who have suffered multiple concussions and head injuries.

high performance neurofeedback from clarity direct is in tehachapiPsychologist Dr. Stephen Larson writes, “neural plasticity, denied for so long, now looms as the single most important issue in the neuroscience of the future. Along with it, I submit, comes neurofeedback as the clinical methodology most able to help the nervous system overcome its deficits and impairments, moving toward full functionality… We now find that when the brain is put in touch with itself through biofeedback or neurofeedback, miraculous things begin to happen. The brain is eminently capable of modifying itself without chemicals or other mechanical help. Aberration such as depression and anxiety are not things to be illuminated but sub-optimal conditions of the nervous system when it isn’t working so well. When functionality is restored, and the system begins intelligently to self-regulate, the symptoms drop away by themselves.”

Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD is the Medical Director at The Trauma Center of The Justice Resource Institute, Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, and author of the book, “The Body Keeps the Score : Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.” Of Neurofeedback he writes, “Neurofeedback is applied neuroscience – it is a new frontier in helping innumerable people who up until now have been condemned to just make the best of feeling chronically fearful, unfocused and disengaged…(Neurofeedback is a way) to reconfigure electrical communication patterns in the brain in order to help people feel more fully alive in the present… a treatment approach that (can) shift the perceptual system of a human being so dramatically in such a short period of time… it helps to stabilize and focus attentional systems in the brain.

Soar  Optimize your mental and emotional genius. High-performance Neurofeedback is also used for peak performance training for our business clients, athletes, musicians, and more. Learn to use your brain’s potential.

Direct Neurofeedback becomes one more powerful tool for the benefit of our clients. We have always offered “talk therapy”, nutraceutical medications, referrals for medication, and educational interventions. Now we also offer another very powerful tool to our clients.

Neurofeedback training works directly with the brain. Each of our clients trains at his own pace. Our clients feel greater mental clarity, less brain fog, less anxiety, and greater peace – often from the very first session. The brain can heal itself. The brain improves itself. It just needs the right tools.

Many of our clients higher strength, health, or fitness coaches to help them with their comprehensive exercise programs to maintain physical strength and health. Neurofeedback is much like that, but for mental, emotional, and brain health down to the cellular level. The brain can become more flexible, more focused, and optimized.

“Neurofeedback offers an alternative to drugs and seems to be able to do things that medications up to now have failed to deliver… By providing brains with feedback we can change brain wave patterns and help people’s minds to become more alert, attentive, focused, and organized.”

Clarity Direct’s system for High Performance Neurofeedback is different from “traditional” EEG Biofeedback training, which is also called Neurofeedback training. In the 1990’s Dr. Cowan pioneered the use of EEG Biofeedback training for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and more in Bakersfield and Lancaster, CA. During that time he was introduced to Dr. Len Ochs and his “Low Energy Neurofeedback System,” and began helping Dr. Ochs acquire research data for the FDA with his new, and amazing development in Neurofeedback. Twenty years later, Cowan is again using state-of-the-art Neurofeedback with his clients to speed healing and increase clarity and focus – helping his clients to feel more “fully alive.”

If a machine a computer or a software program talks to the brain in a language the brain can understand, it is neurofeedback. The brain can then learn from the stimulus or signal and adjust, re-organize, and optimize itself.

If the brain is “stuck” in a bad place of functioning, neurofeedback is very good at disrupting the brain so that the brain can re-organize itself in a much better place, a better way of functioning. Only a tiny amount of energy is needed to accomplish this. It is as if the system is whispering to the brain in a language that the brain clearly understands. Any biofeedback system, primitive or advanced, reveals how things actually are, and gives feedback to the patient in a way that is useful for the patient to make changes, to improve.

Neurofeedback only makes sense if you see it in the context of neural plasticity. The brain is able to change the way that it functions. And even the very structures of the brain, neurons, synapses, and the entire biochemical environment change.

We know that the brain can change based upon environment, and trauma, lack of support, and lack of affection.  But now we also know that the brain can change, and be improved, through various treatments and technologies such as High Performance Neurofeedback from Clarity Direct Neurofeedback.

Example 1: A 12-year-old diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety bordering on OCD, and explosive temper outbursts. Our client’s mother and the client together estimated that our clients had 10-12 “outbursts” of frustration or anger aimed at other people every day, an average of 75 “outbursts” each week. Every month. For four long years. After just three sessions at our office, including neurofeedback, both the mother and our client reported a reduction in “outbursts” of 80% or more.

Example 2: A 50-year-old veteran with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. After the very first session, our client reported a moderate reduction in pain, and complete removal of feelings of anxiety and depression. These improvements lasted for about 72 hours. Then treatment was repeated with similar results from each session.

Here are the text messages that we have received from our clients, usually 24 hours after a session:

“I wanted you to know that we have had [three] really good weeks in a row, and a very happy [child].” Client is a child with Aspergers/Autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, temper outbursts, and more.

“I feel much better last night and today. My memory is improving. I feel happier. Even my [spouse] says so.” Client is an adult with multiple head injuries.

“Slept very good last night and clear thinking today. No anxiety. Thank you. When can we schedule the next appointment?”  Client is an adult with anxiety, and a high stress job.

“Hey doc, here’s the summary after the first treatment: 1. I was unusually confident in my decision making… 2. Colors were more vivid on my drive home… 3. I set some goals for myself. 4. I am having less of my usual negative self-talk, and much more positive self-talk.” Client is an adult with anxiety, PTSD, history of abuse.

“I feel normal again.” Client is a 66 year old adult with PTSD, easily frustrated, chronic pain. A retired Viet Nam veteran.

These services are available to select clients on a limited basis. To learn more about how to supplement our counseling services with today’s advanced neurofeedback sessions, call our office today at (661) 972-5953, or email us at Doug@DouglasCowan.me.

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiOvercome Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Head Injury, and Much More with Our Fast Results Neurofeedback