Expert Coaching for Entrepreneurs with ADHD

What are the Six Pillars of Life that we Focus On?

    1. Your Marriage and Family Life
    2. Your Physical Health, Exercise, and Eating Habits
    3. Your Emotional and Spiritual Health and Life
    4. Your Set of Habits, Goals, Focus, and Choices
    5. Your Business Performance
    6. Your Brain Health, Optimization, and ADHD Specific Issues

Get Insider Access to Dr. Douglas Cowan, Psy.D.

By joining the coaching program you get insider access to Dr. Cowan via Skype or FaceTime, phone access or text, and regular videos on one of the Six Pillars so that you can learn and grow every day. Plan on weekly “meetings” with Dr. Cowan for about an hour “face to face,” and consistent contact through the week. We want you to be successful in each of the Six Pillars of your Life!

And if you live in California, office visits are possible, and some of the fees may be covered by your insurance company. Ask for more details.


$ 1,000 to $2500 per month, with a six month minimum.  Paid at the first of each month.

To Qualify:

The Six Pillars Coaching program is focused on (1) married men who (2) are entrepreneurs, and (3) have ADHD – which they have found to have been both a blessing and a curse through their life. But in spite of the challenges, our clients want to have a stronger marriage, become even better fathers, get healthier and eat better so that they can live longer, and want to learn how to focus the power of their brains to be even more creative and productive in life.

To Learn More, or to Get Started:

Please call Dr. Cowan directly on his personal cell phone number – (661) 972 – 5953.  He would enjoy getting to know you on the phone, and seeing if the Six Pillars coaching program would help you to achieve your life’s goals.

Examples of the Six Pillars Videos From Our YouTube PlayList

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiSix Pillars Coaching Program