distance counseling

Internet Counseling Sessions

Counseling over the internet allows us to connect and have a counseling session together even when we are many miles apart.

The ideal for Skype counseling is that we meet together face to face as we being the counseling process, and then meet together face to face once a month or so as counseling progresses.  But when needed, or when it is more convenient for you, we can schedule counseling session over the internet using Skype technology.

When a young man recently returned from combat in Afghanistan, he was suffering from PTSD and it was impacting his life, and his marriage, in 100 bad ways.  He and his wife were referred to me for help by a chaplain, and they were very willing to drive up to Tehachapi to meet with me – even though they lived over 100 miles away near Los Angeles.

After their lives became settled a bit, and their marriage stabilized, we began counseling sessions via Skype.  They were able to relax on their sofa with a cup of coffee and their lap-top while we discussed how to improve and strengthen their marriage.  And when stresses came up that needed a more personal touch, they came up to Tehachapi to meet face to face.

It was convenient and comfortable for them as they saved money on gas, and saved hours on the road.

Internet counseling allows us to continue the counseling process when away on vacations, or business trips.  For others who live out of town it allows for just monthly visits to our Tehachapi office, and for most of our sessions to be in the convenience of your own home or office.  Skype counseling is also more convenient for people with mild disabilities, anxieties, or injuries that may restrict travel or visits to our office.

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