Cutting and Self-Injury : Information Sheet

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiAbandonment, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Guilt Shame, Rejection, Seminar Handouts, Teenagers

depression and self-injury

Most common forms include: • Self-Cutting or “cutting” • Burning • Scratching • Hitting • Preventing Wounds from Healing Most commonly found among teenagers and young adults. 15% to 25% of adolescents and young adults have self-injured usually by cutting. 6% to 8% do so chronically. Most commonly females. Attempts to regulate emotions, often Anger, Guilt, Shame, Self-Loathing, Anxiety or Depression, Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Rejection. Some report “emotional numbness.” Deliberate self-harm “allows” them to express pain, release tension … Read More

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiCutting and Self-Injury : Information Sheet