These terms of service govern both your access to and use of our services either at our counseling offices, in our community, via electronic communications, video training courses, webinar events, or on our websites.  Your access to and use of our services are conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.

I understand that Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., M.S., is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (M24381) providing professional counseling services in the State of California.  He has been licensed since 1988.  I understand that Cowan also provides Neurofeedback services to those who request these services from him. From time to time he may offer nutritional suggestions, educational suggestions, or other ideas that may help people to be more successful in their relationships, at school, work, or at home.

This process of counseling, psychotherapy, coaching, or neurofeedback therapy can result in a number of benefits to you, and to others. Sometimes during this process memories of unpleasant events, or unpleasant feelings may arise causing discomfort. Change is sometimes easy, sometimes fast, or sometimes slow and even frustrating.  You have the right to terminate services from Dr. Cowan at any time, and he will certainly assist you in finding another professional if requested.

Any disputes that might arise out of or in relationship to this agreement to provide services shall first be referred to mediation, and any costs of such mediation shall be split between parties unless other agreements made.

I give permission to Douglas Cowan to email me his monthly newsletter with resources or articles that he has written that he believes might be helpful to me or my friends.

I understand that Douglas Cowan also serves as a Pastor at “The Living Room Ministry” in Tehachapi, and also provides ministry consulting services to other local churches in Tehachapi.  He will always seek to work and live according to the tenants of his faith, based upon his understanding of the Bible.  His faith makes him an optimist, believing that it is the heart of God to make “all things new!”  He is always happy to discuss matters of faith with people, and he is available to pray with those who request prayer.

I agree to the Terms of Service

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiTerms of Service