Concierge Medical Office in Bakersfield “The Practice”

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The Practice Bakersfield

On Wednesdays I drive down from Tehachapi to provide Christian counseling services at “The Practice,” which is a concierge medical practice led by Jan Mensink, M.D. The whole concept of Concierge Medicine or Pre-Paid Medical Offices was just foreign to me, but the more I see it in operation, and the more I learn about it, but more I really like it. For a reasonable monthly fee (from $69/month to $139/month) you can become a “member” of this doctor’s practice, and you can access your doctor as much as you need him or her.

When my wife has a painful cyst in her kidney make her double over in pain we called for help. We were in our doctor’s office within a few hours, waited only a few minutes, and then spent about 40 minutes with our doctor who carefully examined her. And he charged us nothing.

Then he referred her for a CT scan. We were in Truxtun Radiology within minutes, and our fees for the CT scan were discounted from $800 down to $150. I paid quickly thinking they made a mistake. But there wasn’t a mistake – my personal doctor had made financial arrangements for me, and had personally made sure that we were seen at Truxtun Radiology within minutes.

The results were read by a specialist and the report was back at our doctor’s office within an hour.

We again met with our doctor – the same day – and he told us the results of the CT scan. A cyst. Irritated but not dangerous. Everything would be ok. Relief.

And again, no charge.

We had a follow up visit three days later. Things were improving.

And again, no charge.

And since this event, we have had other reasons to visit our doctor. But the process and the results have been the same: we got to spend lots of time with our doctor, who carefully listened. When he took action to help, our lab tests, or CT scans, or medications, were all performed immediately and were deeply discounted for us. All of this because we are members of The Practice. So we’ve seen it work really well for us, and we are grateful for the services.

The Practice Concierge Medicine Bakersfield

Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiConcierge Medical Office in Bakersfield “The Practice”