Two Types of ADHD : Simplified

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ADHD Infographic Two Types of ADHD

An ADHD Infographic on the Two Types of ADHD

A simplified way to look at the different types of ADHD. From the ADHD Information Library at

If we reduce ADHD to its two simplest “types” we get a Hypo-Active type and a Hyper-Active type. I discuss six different types of ADHD at the ADHD Information Library website here, but to keep things as simple as possible let’s look at just two types.

In general the HypoActive type is slower moving, often late, “hurry up and get ready,” passive, hard to get out of the shower. At least at our house. They often have a poor concept of time (a working memory problem) and often pays attention to the wrong thing, or isn’t sure what the right thing to pay attention to actually is. They are usually compliant, in the sense of wanting to comply even if they never get the job done on time.

In general the HyperActive type is fast moving, impulsive, lacking in inhibition, lacking in self-control, and is over-active. They can work too fast, and make guesses just to get the task done, even if it is not done well – at least it’s done. They can be disruptive and even oppositional at times. But of the two groups, this group responds to stimulant medications much better than the hypoactive group.

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Douglas Cowan Psy.D., Counseling TehachapiTwo Types of ADHD : Simplified