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Over 30,000 sessions helping satisfied clients for 35 years. Dr. Cowan can help you with your anxiety, cognitive issues including ADHD symptoms, your overwhelming work stresses, and more.

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Panic attacks, anxiety attacks, social anxiety disorders. Stress at home or work. 

We will provide you with the tools and strategies to overcome anxiety!

Loss of focus, concussions, cognitive decline from aging. We have technology, lifestyle strategies, and tools to improve your life!

Hold on! We can help you! Let us share the Wisdom and Strategies needed to thrive at home, school, and at work.

For Parents and Teens with ADHD! 

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This is my "Clone." Ask it anything about ADHD, Anxiety, Relationships, God, Life, or more.
Let's see how well it answers your questions!

Here is an Example Question to Dr. Cowan's A.I. Clone: How do I get into a flow state?

Answer: Entering a flow state is akin to finding a rhythm in your activities where everything else fades away, leaving you deeply immersed in the task at hand. It's that sweet spot where your skills perfectly match the challenge, allowing you to lose yourself in the process. To achieve this, it's essential to select tasks that are neither too easy nor too difficult, ensuring they align with your abilities and interests. This balance encourages engagement and focus, key components of the flow state.

Delving deeper, the science of neurofeedback provides insights into achieving such states more consistently. Research and practice have shown that certain brainwave patterns are associated with the flow state, notably a combination of theta and alpha activity, underpinned by gamma waves 1 . These patterns indicate a quiet, yet highly focused and coherent brain state, optimal for performance. Techniques like neurofeedback can train your brain to enter these states more easily by reinforcing these patterns through feedback, essentially teaching your brain to find the flow state more naturally. By focusing on tasks that challenge you just enough to engage without overwhelming, and potentially incorporating neurofeedback training to hone your brain's ability to enter these states, you can create a conducive environment for flow.

Join Our 3 Month Program!  It is the same Quality Program that we offer to Executives, Professional Athletes, Coaches, and our Remote Clients!

Our three-month program is a comprehensive, personalized approach designed to address the symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, Worry, or Fears and to improve and optimize brain performance. It incorporates the latest in personalized neurofeedback technology, along with monthly cognitive assessments, to create a tailored experience that meets your unique needs. This program is not just about addressing symptoms; it's about enhancing your overall brain health and performance, ensuring that you can navigate life with greater ease and success.

At the heart of this program is the use of personal neurofeedback technology, which allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment of brainwave activity and blood flow in the brain. This cutting-edge approach is complemented by detailed cognitive assessments conducted monthly, providing insights into your progress and areas for further improvement. The program is structured to foster significant, lasting changes in how you think, feel, and interact with the world around you. With a focus on empowerment and self-improvement, it represents an investment in your mental wellness and future potential.

The total cost for this transformative experience is $2500 which includes 10 personal sessions with Dr. Cowan from the comfort of your home or office, or $1,000 without the individual sessions with him. The fee is reflecting the value and depth of the resources, support, and technology provided.

What specific goals or areas of your life are you hoping to address or improve through the three-month program?

Your Baseline Cognitive "Brain Audit" of the Performance of 12 Systems or Locations of Your Brain Today. Then this is followed up with three more "Performance Audits" every 30 days to track progress.  This is an $800 value.
Your own personal Near Infra-Red Frontal Lobe Blood Flow neurofeedback training system imported for you from Mendi in Sweden. Increase your small focus, sustained focus, situational awareness, creativity and more. Used by NASA. Your entire family can use this one training device. A $300 value.
Your own personal CalmWaves CalmBox CES unit FDA registered for the treatment of anxiety or insomnia, with other benefits including stabilization of mood, help with peaceful focus and awareness, reduces the symptoms of PTSD, and decreases many of the limbic system driven symptoms of ADHD such as impulsivity, anger, sadness, anxiety, and more. This unit can be used by the entire family. A $300 value.
Access to our Athletes' video library. We have made several videos for athletes on topics such as decision-making strategies, on the field performance, and stress management.  A $300 value.
Access to our ADHD video library. We have made several videos over the years on ADHD for parents and clients.  The different types, treatment strategies, and much more!  A $300 value.
Up to 10 meetings with Dr. Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., LMFT for 1:1 coaching, performance tools, tricks and tips, nutritional hacks, new habits to form and old habits to get rid of, and brain performance strategies to help you take your ADHD and move forward in life! An $1800 value.
Stress Management and Energy Management Strategies.  Breathing, Tapping, Balancing the Brain, Hypo-frontality for getting into the Flow Zone.
You get all of this for $2,500.  This is a $3,800 value for $2,500. 
35 years of experience with over 30,000 treatment sessions has led to the development of this program to help you to reach your goals;
Call or text Dr. Cowan on his personal cell phone number and let's talk about your situation. Maybe we can help you too! (661) 972-5953. Call or Text today!
Advanced Direct NeuroFeedback to repair and optimize YOUR brain's performance is only available at our Scottsdale, AZ location.  Train your brain like a Navy Seal or West Point Graduate with three of the most advanced and powerful forms of neurofeedback brain training in the world. Frontal lobe blood flow training tools available. Cognitive assessment to track improvements.
Focus + Awareness + Reaction Time = Better Performance

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