The Real Truth Behind the Lies That We Believe

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Improving Your Life Today, By Getting Rid of the Lies that We Believe

From Our May 2016 Newsletter

Having been a pastor and a professional therapist in Bear Valley Springs, Tehachapi, and Bakersfield for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some really great people. One of my favorites is Sherry Rose, a pastoral counselor in Bakersfield, and a good friend of mine. She has written a new book, a 30 day devotional titled “Battle Cry”. It is a very good book, and Sherry is a good person to get to know.

She writes, “Do we truly understand the mind changing and heart strengthening power of words-particularly our own words?” Even Solomon wrote that words have the power of life and death for us. “Our actions are the evidence of our true beliefs.” And I would add to this that our emotions are evidence of our beliefs as well-and some of our beliefs are true and other beliefs are false.

the emotional cycle used with counseling clients in our tehachapi office

Our emotions come from a variety of sources. Some emotions are triggered by the brain itself, while other emotions are triggered by a combination of an event that is currently happening to us paired with our beliefs. This is part of the discovery process in counseling child, teenage, and adult clients in my Bear Valley Springs office, just outside Tehachapi.

As far as I can tell, our beliefs fall into four main categories: what we believe about our self, what we believe about other people, what we believe about the world around us, and what we believe about the nature of God. Our beliefs in these categories can either be true, or they can be lies. Lies that we believe tend to be very self-limiting, or self-destructive. And these lies must be replaced with the truth.

our beliefs impact our emotions

I want to encourage you to view the video that I have made for the clients in my private counseling practice in Bear Valley Springs, just outside of Tehachapi, that addresses the topic of our beliefs, and emotions linked to them, and replacing the lies with the truth. It is a 30 minute video that I believe can make a difference in your thinking, and in your life.

The video is available to view here:

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