Anxiety, Panic, Worry: Get Help Today for Your Anxiety

Anxiety, Panic, Fear, or Worries?

Our experienced counseling, technologies, tools, and strategies can help you with your Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Constant Worries, and even Social Anxiety problems.

Dr. Cowan has over 35 years of experience helping people just like you. 
Supportive, expert, encouraging counseling is Online for your comfort. Save travel time. Relax from home or office.
Learn the powerful tools to slow down the anxiety and fear, and shift into the relaxed and peaceful state. 
Get the technologies to turn off the "fight or flight" anxiety attack in the limbic system, and have peaceful focus in the daytime, and deep sleep again at night.

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About Anxiety


Anxiety starts in a couple of different ways. The first path is from the outside part of the brain, the cortex, using the "theater of the mind" through imagination and thoughts to think the worst, and generate fears and worries. These worries and fears then tell the deeper structures of the brain: the Limbic System and Amygdala that there is danger, and they respond by sending out the "fight or flight" messages to other systems in the brain. Adrenalin, cortisol, and other hormones are released in a second or less. 

The second path is from the Limbic System and Amygdala running amok on their own. It can be like your neighbor's small dog that just starts barking for no reason. You want it to stop, but can't make it stop by talking to it at all. Words just seem to make it worse. 

This is why you need special tools, strategies, and technologies to turn off the "fight or flight" system, and shift into a peaceful relaxed and productive state.

The CalmWaves CalmBox is one of the excellent tools that we offer to our clients to turn down the anxiety, panic, fears, and worries from the Limbic System and Amygdala and brain stem. 

It is a 50 year old technology approved for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia in humans. It is about 80% effective in combination with our counseling, some lifestyle changes, and the excellent tools that you can learn for a lifetime. 

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Ask My Clone About our Three Month Program for Anxiety Disorders!

Our three-month program is a comprehensive, personalized approach designed to address the symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, Worry, or Fears and to improve and optimize brain performance. It incorporates the latest in personalized neurofeedback technology, along with monthly cognitive assessments, to create a tailored experience that meets your unique needs. This program is not just about addressing symptoms; it's about enhancing your overall brain health and performance, ensuring that you can navigate life with greater ease and success.

At the heart of this program is the use of personal neurofeedback technology, which allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment of brainwave activity and blood flow in the brain. This cutting-edge approach is complemented by detailed cognitive assessments conducted monthly, providing insights into your progress and areas for further improvement. The program is structured to foster significant, lasting changes in how you think, feel, and interact with the world around you. With a focus on empowerment and self-improvement, it represents an investment in your mental wellness and future potential. 

The total cost for this transformative experience is $2500 which includes 10 personal sessions with Dr. Cowan from the comfort of your home or office, or $1,000 without the individual sessions with him. The fee is reflecting the value and depth of the resources, support, and technology provided. 

What specific goals or areas of your life are you hoping to address or improve through the three-month program?

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