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Athletes. Your BRAIN should be the FASTEST thing on the field!
We've worked 35 years to prepare this program for your success! 
Repair your past concussions. Be laser focused all season long. Call today.

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What Do You Need to Achieve Today?

Learn about our Revolutionary Program for Professional and College Athletes. Increase Focus, Alertness, Awareness like a Navy Seal or fighter pilot! This is not just "sports" psychology... this is enhanced cognitive performance for your brain and CNS, and recovery and restoration from concussions and head injuries sustained in the past!

Greater Focus on the field, at work, at school because your brain is working much faster
Command, Self-Control, Poise and Alertness when you need to perform at your best
Feeling normal again, feeling good about your life and circumstances
Improved performance on the field, at work, and in school leading to earning more income and enjoying life more than ever before!

This is fun!

We've been playing with Delphi AI to create a "clone" of Dr. Cowan.

Ask it any question about neurofeedback, counseling, life, or God, and let's see how it does answering as Dr. Cowan might answer!

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How Our Program is Different...

Start with a Brain Health and Performance Assessment

Scottsdale Office offers the most effective Neurofeedback treatments in the world

Remote programs offer Blood Flow neurofeedback training for greater focus and concentration, and the CalmWaves CalmBox for peaceful clarity under pressure and improved sleep and recovery

Strategic Partners with FLOWCODE mental performance for golfers, the Radiant Life Wellness Center, and more than a dozen of the best treatment providers in AZ.

Still Undecided?

Call and let's set up a time to talk about the services that we offer - and how they will help you to reach your goals!

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