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Counseling and Neurofeedback 

Over 29,520 treatment sessions helping satisfied clients. We've been building the infrastructure for this program for 35 years. Get more Focus, Creativity, Problem-Solving ability, and Stress Management tools.  Learn the Secrets of Keeping a Healthy Brain for a Lifetime!  

Counseling and Neurofeedback in Scottsdale, AZ for
Anxiety, Stress, Panic, PTSD - ADHD - Long Covid Brain Fog - Post-Concussion

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What Brings You Here Today?

Our Brain Performance Program can help with focus, clarity, anxiety, PTSD, and some of the issues of an aging brain. Memory, awareness, and alertness. Train your brain and body to increase focus and awareness, manage stress and energy, do more in less time and with less effort. 

Improve focus, clarity, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.
Command, Self-Control, Poise and Alertness when you need to perform at your best. Improve Brain performance, decision-making, and Creativity. Lead others.
Feel normal again, feel good about your life and circumstances.
Improved performance at work, at school, and at home. Better yet, improve your relationships and enjoy life more than ever before!

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Call and let's set up a time to talk about the services that we offer - and how they may be able to help you to reach your goals!


How Our Program is Different...

35 years of experience with over 29,520 treatment sessions has led to the development of this program to help you to reach your goals as an athlete and in your life;
Private 1:1 meetings for counseling, psychotherapy, or performance coaching with Dr. Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. LMFT. 
ADHD? Anxiety? Stressed? We are happy to help you overcome the situation and focus, relax, and enjoy life better. Imagine how much better your life could be. 
Great resources for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation after a big week at the central Phoenix location, including hyperbaric oxygen chamber, cryogenic chamber, red light sauna at MHCA location; Advanced Neuro-feedback technologies (three types) at the Scottsdale location to repair the impact of concussions, stress, anxiety, ADHD.
Call Dr. Cowan on his personal cell phone number and let's talk about your situation. Maybe we can help you too!
Advanced Neuro-Feedback to repair and optimize brain performance.  Train your brain like a Navy Seal or West Point Graduate with three of the most advanced and powerful forms of neurofeedback brain training in the world. 
Focus + Awareness + Reaction Time = Better Performance
Stress Management and Energy Management Strategies.  Breathing, Tapping, Balancing the Brain, Hypo-frontality for getting into the Flow Zone.
Many of our services may be partially covered by your health insurance company! That would be great!

Professional Fighter

Just this morning, as I write this, I spoke for over an hour with a female professional fighter in California who has the passion to be the World Champion. We talked in-depth about her athleticism and passion have brought her to his point (Champion in a home country, ranked in the top 20 in America), but that if she wanted to go farther than what she has already achieved that she needed to still change her approaches to preparation for fights, ability to command herself and her environment in a ring, and optimize the performance of her brain and CNS so that she could make faster and better decisions during a fight.

She wants to work with us. We want to work with her.  We may be able to help you as well. 

Social Anxiety to a Great Life!

Now she has graduated college, started her dream job, and is marrying the man of her dreams this June and moving to Idaho. When she first came to my office at age 19 she had suffered from terrible levels of social anxiety since the age of 3. Always afraid, uncomfortable, wanting to just get out of the room and away from other people. But after four months or so of counseling and direct neurofeedback she immersed herself in college, went on to graduate, and loves everything about her life today - and the promise of tomorrow!

Professional Baseball

Whether you are a current major league player wanting to play for a season or two more than others think you can, or in AAA or AA wanting to perform at such a high level of performance that you can make the jump to the big leagues, we can help you to focus better, deeper, at the right time and to the right thing. Improve reaction time and make decisions faster. Have the mental performance that you need to be amazing. 

We have friends at every level of professional baseball, from the major leagues to AAA, AA, and high-A levels.

Adult ADHD

He came to my office at age 44. His wife had left him. She was fed up with his disorganization, procrastination, impulsivity, and lack of ambition. He admitted that he had twenty projects that he had started but never seemed to finish anything. Our brain audit, assessments, and testing revealed that Bill was indeed ADHD, and that he would probably benefit from medication, or neurofeedback, and counseling to teach success strategies. He chose to begin with neurofeedback and counseling. Within three months he had organized his garage, his taxes, and his accounts receivables from his side gig. Two months later he was promoted at work to a great job that he loves. But his wife never came back. We could improve his brain performance, choices, wisdom, and self-image, but not his wife's choices.

Learn more about our services and programs for professional or college athletes here.

Discover our services and programs for business leaders, business organizations, and entrepreneurs here.

See our services and programs to help you to get your brain healthy and keep it health for a lifetime.

Still Undecided?

Call and let's set up a time to talk about the services that we offer - and how they may be able to help you to reach your goals!


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